Cabin operating panel

The elevator has many parts, and one of the parts that is most related to the user is the elevator panel.

The elevator panel, which is installed on each floor next to the elevator door, is responsible for moving and stopping the elevator.

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Product Features

Exemplary Quality

The material used in Metalift Cabin operating panel​ has an exemplary quality.

Up to date design

According to the designs and trends of the world, the design engineers of Metalift Company design different models of elevator panels for our dear customers.

Standard Certificates

All the panels produced in Metalift company are designed and produced according to the current standards of the world.

Classification Of Panels

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What is an elevator panel?

It is a part that is installed inside the elevator cabin and is connected with the elevator LOP

There are buttons on the elevator panel, each of theme has its own task.

Floor buttons, elevator door opening and closing buttons, siren button, ventilation and….

Inside the elevator cabin, the user can give the necessary command to the elevator by pressing any key. Outside the elevator, there is also a push button that has the task of stopping the elevator at the desired floor.

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Types Of Elevator Panels

There are different types of panels, which we will explain separately about each one.

Elevator touch panel

Elevator card panel

Elevator button panel

Elevator touch panel

One of the stylish elevator panel models is the touch panel or elevator touch panel

This model of the panel uses touch buttons instead of physical or so-called push buttons.

But generally, in crowded and high-traffic places, they use less of this type of panels and use non-touch panels instead.

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Elevator card panel

One of the models that is more special than other models and consumes less energy is the elevator card panel.

In this panel model, a card is used, which is defined for each person. That is, each person has a card that he uses for identification when boarding the elevator, and then he can use the elevator.

This model of elevators is used in special places and its advantage is that it consumes less energy because not everyone rides the elevator and the mobility of the elevator is low and the depreciation of the elevator will be less in the long run.

The panel inside the elevator cabin

In addition to the models we mentioned above, there is another model of the panel, which is the normal panel that is in the form of buttons, which are the most used panels in the elevator industry.

Cabin operating panel

In terms of the price of the elevator panel, there are various parameters, each of which alone determines the price of the elevator. For example, the material used in the construction of the panel, the size of the panel itself, if the panel is a button, the type of button used. In the panel and…

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Elevator Touch Panel Price

Touch panels may have a higher price than normal panels due to more sensitivity and elegance in design, as well as the use of touch buttons and a more one-handed design than normal panels.


Elevator card panel price

Card panels have a higher price than other models due to the use of an identity recognition system, so they are used less often.


the panel inside the elevator cabin price

But the most common type of panel that is used more than others is the normal button panels that we all have seen probably in different elevators. These types of panels are generally used more in the elevator industry due to their simple use and lower cost.

Multi-person elevator panel

As you know, the cabin of each elevator is different according to the place which it is installed and the use of that elevator.

But the elevator panel in a 4-seater cabin may be the same as a 14-seater one.

So the 5-passenger elevator panel and the 6-passenger elevator panel and the 7-passenger elevator panel are not necessarily different or even the same with the 8-passenger elevator panel. That is, it can be the same or not and has nothing to do with the capacity of the elevator cabin.

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Industrial Elevator Panel

Industrial elevators usually have more capacity than normal elevators and use engines with higher power.


Feature of industrial elevator panel

But in the field of industrial elevator panels, they are not so different from other panels and maybe they have a few extra buttons for other floors, but the overall function of the panel is the same.


Types of industrial elevator panels

Since we said that industrial elevator panels are not much different from other panels, it can be said that they are the same as other panels in terms of diversity.

This means that touch panels, buttons and cards can also be used for industrial elevators.

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