Elevator Display

Metalift company produces different models of elevator displays in different designs

Screens in full screen models in 7, 8 and 10 inch sizes and even models with larger sizes.

These screens have the ability to play photos and videos in horizontal and vertical modes

In the following, we introduce several models of this elevator display

نمایشگر آسانسور

Types Of Elevator Displays

مانیتور آسانسور


The ability to play horizontal photos and videos in sizes of 7, 8, 10, 12, 15 inches



The ability to play horizontally in sizes of 7, 8, 10 inches

نمایشگر اسانسور


Ability to play horizontally in 8 and 10 inches

ال سی دی آسانسور


The ability to play horizontal photos in 7, 8, 9, 10 inches

صفحه نمایش کابین آسانسور


The ability to play horizontal photos in 8 and 10 inches

نمایشگر کابین آسانسور


The ability to play horizontal photos in 7, 8, 9 inches

Features Of The Elevator Display

صفحه نمایش کابین آسانسور

High Resolution Displays

All the panels used in Metalift screens have a suitable resolution according to the dimensions of the screen, which prevents pixelation of the images.

High Viewing Angle Panels

All the panels used in Metalift screens have a high viewing angle so that the colors and contrast of the images do not decrease even from sharp angles.

Variety Of Displays

According to the design and size of your elevator cabin, Metalift introduces different display models for you to make a better choice.

Elevator Display

The elevator display is one of the parts that can give a different effect to your elevator cabin and make your elevator look different compared to other models. Usually, the elevator display used in the elevator cabin is of the LCD type, which has different panels, which type The panel should be one of the most important points for you when buying.

If you use a low-quality panel, they usually cannot provide you with a good image quality because of the low contrast and limited viewing angle. Also, try to use a high-resolution elevator display so that you don’t see the pixelated image, which is really the effect. It is not interesting.

But what exactly is displayed on the screen?

The content that is displayed on the elevator screen usually has several specific sections. The screen usually shows the floor you are on and a picture or video to beautify and entertain the passenger. But some screens are connected to a smart system that has a user interface and can have a special menu and give special facilities to the passenger.

For example, inside the menu, the passenger can see the list of emergency numbers, or he can see special training videos in emergency situations inside the elevator, etc. through the screen.

The elevator display is usually installed above the elevator switch or inside the elevator panel where the buttons are located