Landing Operating Panel

Today, many factors must be considered to buy an elevator. One of them is the elevator Landing Operating Panel. There are different types of elevators, each of which has its own unique design. The general function of the elevators is similar, but in design. And there are some differences in their performance. The general task of the thumbs is to determine the origin and destination of the elevator, which can be determined using the buttons installed on it.

On each floor, a thumb is installed next to the elevator door, which has a button to move the elevator and a display to show the floor where the cabin is located.

Landing Operating Panel classification





What Is Landing Operating Panel ?

Elevators have many small and large parts, each of theme has a specific task. The elevator Landing Operating Panel is a part that is used to determine the desired floor for moving. In this way, by pressing the desired button, the elevator is commanded to move up or down.

Choosing different parts in the elevator that can be replaced requires great care. The elevator Landing Operating Panel is one of the important parts that is the interface between the elevator and the user, so you should get the necessary information before buying the elevator Landing Operating Panel.

A series of push buttons have only one button, by pressing that button, the elevator stops on the same floor where the button is pressed.

But there is another type of LOP that has two buttons. This type of elevator landing operating panel has one button with an arrow pointing up and another button with an arrow pointing down.

If you hit the up arrow, the elevator will stop for you if it moves to the upper floors, otherwise it will not stop and vice versa.

This will save you time and electricity used for the elevator.

Some Examples Of Metalift LOP


The buttons that are installed outside the elevator cabin are divided into two categories, which are called elevator call buttons, which you will learn about below:

  • Landing operating panel that are used only to determine the place where the elevator stops
  • Landing operating panel that, in addition to determining the stop location, also specify the destination. For example, by pressing the elevator button, it is determined that the elevator will move upwards. As a result, you can better find the elevator you want to transfer. From this The push button model is mostly used in places such as large shopping centers where there are several elevators. In short, the push button has two buttons, one on the top and one on the bottom. You can determine by pressing one of the buttons. For example, if the elevator was moving upwards, it would stop on this floor. This saves energy and time.

The approximate price of the elevator cabin is different according to the material used and its size.

Landing Operating Panel Of The Elevator Cabin

We will introduce you the following types of elevator LOP:

Touch elevator landing operating panel

Push button elevator

LOP with touch screen

LOP with fingerprint sensor

Touch models usually have a one-handed design and are more stylish than button models and give the audience a more luxurious feeling, but in general it depends on the buyer’s taste.

Models with fingerprints can specify more limited accesses. For example, with a fingerprint, each person can move only in the specified elevator floors.

Models with a touch screen also have a user interface, the design style of the user interface depends on the manufacturing company, and they are used in specific and limited places.

Landing Operating Panel Of The Elevator Cabin sales are also higher than other models.

Touch elevator landing operating panel

Another model of the elevator LOP that is used compared to normal models is the elevator touch button or the elevator touch button. This model is a touch elevator cabin LOP and has various models. Some of them are like normal button models. and they use a touch button instead of a push button. In more advanced models, they also have larger and colored screens. This model of the elevator chassis has different themes that you can adjust according to your personal taste.Buying a touch LOP is less popular among buyers and customers than a button, and they are used in fewer places, but their beauty cannot be denied.

landing operating panel price

The price of the elevator landing operating panel varies according to its model and size. The LOPs have different sizes and are installed outside the cabin next to the elevator door.

The first part of the elevator that the user interacts with is the elevator LOP , so it is one of the most important parts of an elevator.

You can contact the consultants of Metalift company regarding price inquiries for elevator landing operating panels.

buying an elevator landing operating panel

Usually, according to the type of project and the place where the elevator is installed, the price of the elevator landing operating panel is also different. For example, in places where there is a lot of traffic and the elevator push button is used a lot, touch buttons are used less and instead Thumbs that have buttons are used in elevator floors. To buy elevator landing operating panels, it is better to do the necessary research first so that you can make a successful choice. For a good purchase, you can buy with consultants. Get in touch with us.

Pushing elevator LOP

Following the spread of the corona virus, measures were taken to prevent the spread of this virus. One of the ways of transmission of the corona virus is through different surfaces. Therefore, in several different countries, instead of using conventional hand sanitizers, they used elevator pedal hand sanitizers, which are similar to These are the gas and brake pedals of cars. This method reduced hand contact with elevator parts and thus reduced the transmission of the virus through different surfaces.

Elevator facing LOP and elevator built-in LOP

The difference between these two models is in the way they are installed inside the cabin or outside. It is called a built-in elevator.

The function of both LOPs is the same and their main difference is in the way they are installed.

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