All about broadcasting and wholesale purchase of elevator buttons

Currently, various companies are engaged in distribution and wholesale purchase of elevator buttons. Since the button is one of the most important and most used parts of the elevator, and the probability of its damage is higher than other parts, users are looking for major distribution and purchase centers for elevator buttons. Now, if you are planning to buy this product, we suggest that you increase your information in this field first before buying.

For example, be sure to know the types of elevator buttons and get to know the factors affecting the purchase price of this product. Therefore, we will continue to introduce the elevator button and then we will introduce one of the best centers for distribution and major purchase of elevator buttons. Stay with us.


Introducing the elevator button

As we mentioned, the buttons are one of the most used components of the elevator, which users can press or touch to select the desired floor or move the elevator. These buttons are located on the elevator’s keyboard or LOP, which are diverse in terms of appearance, material, dimensions and type of manufacturer. Undoubtedly, after hearing the name landing operating panel, the first question that comes to your mind is what is landing operating panel elevator?


Introducing the elevator button to buy the elevator button


LOP or landing operating panel is the same panel that is located next to the entrance door of the elevator and inside the elevator cabin, and the elevator push button is installed on it. This panel is made up of various components that cause the passenger’s command to be transferred to the elevator control panel. For this reason, it is considered one of the main components of the elevator.

In fact, passengers can choose the floor by COP and buttons on it. On the other hand, because it is the first part of the elevator that passengers see, its beauty and elegance is very important.

Buttons are one of the most important components of the panel that can affect both its beauty and quality. The buttons that are placed on the elevator cabin operating panel are different according to whether it is external or internal. In this way, push buttons, numerator and directional arrows are installed in the outer landing operating panel to show the direction of the elevator. But the inner COP have more buttons, including the warning or alarm buttons, numerator, emergency stop, number of floors, etc.



structural features

Due to the difference between external lop elevator and internal cop elevator , one of the most important points that you should pay attention to when distributing and buying bulk elevator push buttons is that these buttons are used for the outer panel. You want or internal. Another point that is very important when distributing and buying bulk elevator buttons is knowing the types of elevator buttons in terms of structure.

In this regard, we should note that the elevator landing operating panel buttons can be pressed and touched. Each of these buttons has its own features and benefits that users can choose according to their elevator needs. For example, one of the most important advantages of push buttons is engraving Braille on them, which makes the blind able to use the elevator. This feature is one of the advantages of push buttons compared to touch buttons.

Touch buttons are generally at the same level as the LOPs elevator, and for this reason, their variety and design depends on the type of landing operating panel(LOP). But the push buttons have more variety due to being separate from the lop elevator. Of course, the beauty of touch buttons is much more than push buttons. For this reason, it often attracts users.


Structural features for the wholesale purchase of elevator push buttons


Types of buttons on the elevator LOP

In addition to the structure of the button, the letters inserted on the button are another factor that makes elevator buttons diverse. For sure, when you want to enter the elevator or choose floors, you will come across different buttons. The buttons that show the floors are generally marked with numbers. But some other letters such as G, GF, P and B are engraved on the buttons, each of which has its own meaning. For example, the letters G and GF indicate the ground floor, P indicates the parking lot, and B indicates the underground.


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Elevator lop are divided into two types according to the type of button, which are:

  • elevator LOP push buttons: This chassis model is the most common model due to its affordability and easy use. Generally, the material of these thumbs is steel or plastic. Since the production and distribution of this model is very high, it can be seen in most buildings.
  • LOPs elevator touch panels: These lops elevator panels, which have touch buttons, have special resistance and beauty. The material of the buttons of this elevator lop is made of glass or steel because it is integrated with the handle.


Types of buttons on the elevator lop for bulk purchase of elevator buttons


Wholesale distribution and purchase of elevator buttons through Metalift

Due to the widespread use and variety of elevator buttons, users are looking for the best distribution center and bulk purchase of elevator buttons. In this regard, Metallift’s reliable collection, relying on years of specialized experience in this field and producing all kinds of elevator push buttons, delivers this product to customers with the highest quality and lowest price.

Among the types of elevator buttons produced in this company are:

  • Rectangle BST EA514
  • Rectangle BST EA515
  • TF-38 touch elevator button
  • Rectangular Korean EBS
  • Shaffer KA301 square design
  • Convex circle BA 21J
  • Chiclet Dar BAS210
  • Chiclet Dar BAS200
  • etc

Among the most important features of Metalift collection buttons, we can mention the high quality of construction, the use of the best raw materials for construction, warranty, design according to the latest methods of the world, and long life.

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