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No doubt, people who are planning to start or upgrade the elevator have heard the name of the elevator dot-matrix display currently, elevators are one of the most modern equipments in apartments for moving people or equipment. therefore, day by day, newer technologies are designed and produced to improve this structure, and the elevator fall display is one of them. of course, various displays for the elevator are available, including LED, graphic and seven-segment displays. but we intend to introduce the elevator drop display in this content.

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The importance of dot matrix elevator display

there are certainly many people who enter the elevator with fear and apprehension and are anxious about moving with it. because it is a closed space and moves several people at the same time, most of the time, these people are strangers. this is where the existence of the elevator display becomes important. In fact, one of the most important reasons for installing these screens is for the peace of mind of passengers. In fact, this display helps to reduce their fear and anxiety with the features it offers to passengers. One of the most important features of all displays, including the elevator drop display, is to display the floor where the passenger is. Also, this tool shows the direction of elevator movement. Also, this tool shows the direction of elevator movement. With these features, the traveler’s mind will be relieved and he will know in which direction and on which floor he is located.


The importance of elevator dot matrix display


In fact, being in a closed place where you don’t know where you are is scary for anyone. For this reason, placing equipment that informs the location of elevator passengers is a unique technology. Without this technology, various concerns involve the mind of the traveler. For example, they worry about getting off early or late, or people who boarded the elevator later than them will get off early and on lower floors. But the elevator display informs the passengers about their location like a notice board.

This technology has advanced so much that the displays that only show the location of the elevator with numbers have been abandoned and more modern displays such as the elevator dot matrix display have emerged.



What is the elevator dot matrix display?


What is the elevator dot matrix display

Modern screens offer new features to passengers. Some of them even have the ability to play a variety of short and long clips, which entertains passengers while traveling.

Since the elevator has become one of the most essential facilities of buildings, especially commercial buildings and large offices, the latest technologies designed to improve this structure should be used to increase the comfort and safety of passengers. The drop elevator display is one of these modern equipments that are designed and produced in different types.


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In fact, the dot matrix display is an electronic part and one of the components of the elevator panel board, which is very important to use in the panels. The elevator panel is divided into two internal and external parts, one inside the cabin and the other outside the cabin and next to the elevator door. The task of both panels is to command the elevator, and for this, they have buttons and displays. The internal panel button (COP) shows the number of floors, direction of movement, clip and other new functions in order to determine according to the user and its display.


The display of the outer panel (LOP) shows two directions up and down to show the passenger in which state and which floor the elevator is in. For this reason, elevator displays are considered one of the most important components of this structure. early, only simple displays that showed the number were available in the market. But today, screens such as drop screens that can play clips and photos have become very common. Users also use these screens to make the elevator stylish and luxurious.




Elevator dot matrix display features

Currently, there are various dot matrix monitors available in the market, including R200 dot matrix monitor, R500 dot matrix display, elevator floor dot matrix monitor, and in-cabin graphic . Naturally, each of these displays has its own features.

For example, the features of the elevator floor fall display include floor display, audio warning in case of overload, showing the direction with motion effects, and increasing the lifespan of the panel.

One of the features of the R200 dot matrix display is its semi-bright screen, which increases the life of the LCD screen. Compact design, variety of colors, beautiful and stylish design, and having the Demo feature are other features of this screen.


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In general, most of the dot matrix displays have common features such as the ability to insert text by laser or electrochemical, installing speakers to announce floors, LED lighting, installing monitors to broadcast promotional teasers, the possibility of installing phones and iPhones and showing movies. They have the ability to change the flash.


Elevator dot matrix display features


Buy from Metalift company

The reliable Metallift company is one of the most reliable Iranian companies engaged in the production of elevator screens. The dot matrix display is one of the most famous products of this company, which this collection designs and produces in various designs, dimensions and colors. One of the most important features of this screen is to play all kinds of clips and photos horizontally and vertically.

In general, the goal of Metallift series is to produce a variety of high-quality, durable and easy-to-install dot matrix displays. To achieve this goal, this collection uses experienced and expert staff, high-quality raw materials and the most up-to-date software systems in the world.


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