The best guide for installing elevator LOP

What is the first thing that attracts our attention when using an elevator? There are 100% buttons and LOPs elevator with the help of which we can control the elevator.

Elevator landing operating panels is considered one of the main parts of an elevator, which should be carefully installed due to its elegance and importance. The elevator lop has different dimensions and its task is to transmit the received information to the elevator control panel. By pressing the elevator button, passengers select their desired floor and transfer the information from the elevator lop to the elevator control panel. This information is stored and finally executed.

Since the elevator LOP is the connection between the passengers and the elevator, it must be installed by a professional. The factors that make an elevator landing operating panel special is that, in addition to quality, it must also be eye-catching in terms of beauty. In general, an ideal elevator lop, both technically and aesthetically, should have a series of primary factors. But something that increases the quality of landing operating panel’s performance One is the quality of the elevator lop itself and two is the way the elevator lop is installed. Therefore, in the following article, we will examine the different steps of the elevator landing operating panel manual installation guide:


Guide to installing the elevator LOP

Guide to installing the elevator LOP


Types of elevator lop

One of the most important points that is defined among the steps of the guide for installing elevator landing operating panel is to know the types of elevator lop. In fact, if you want your lop to perform at its best, you must first know which type of theme is right for you. In general, there are two types of elevator LOP: One is flush mounted and the other is wall mounted, both of which directly or indirectly contribute to the design and quality of the elevator cabin.

Installation guide for flush mounted elevator LOP

. These LOPs are at the level of the elevator cabin gap and do not protrude from the cabin. The most important principle in the installation guide of the flush mounted elevator landing operating panel is that these lops are very delicate and sensitive. Therefore, this issue must be taken into account during installation. For this reason, it is recommended that you get the help of an expert for this task. There are two types of built-in elevator lop, each of which has its own elevator landing operating panel installation guide. These two types are:

  • Built-in elevator lop with back frame: Since these types of LOPs have a back frame, the most important principle in their installation is the level screw.
  • Built-in elevator LOP without back frame: In the installation of a landing operating panel without a back frame, it is definitely necessary to get help from an installer or a cabin manufacturer because it is very delicate and is installed as a hidden screw.


Guide for installing the facing lift LOP

There is no need for a gap in the elevator cabin to install facing landing operating panel. Because the panel components are not on the same level as the elevator cabin and are installed on the elevator cabin as a separate piece. The thickness of these panels is between 12 or 16 mm, which are removed from the cabin panel during installation and installed according to the wall. The most important advantage of these LOP is the ease and simplicity of their installation. Depending on their appearance, the facing elbows are classified into four models: 1. Round bend 2. Bend (90 degrees) 3. Arched 4. Three bends (45 degree bend), the instructions for how to install each of them are different. .


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The face LOPs are installed with a 90 degree bend in three ways:

  • Hidden screw: In this method, the landing operating panel is installed with screws and bolts with a round bend.
  • Z At the top or bottom (sliding lock): In this method, we first create a space of 7 cm above or below the panel so that there is space for the sliding lock part or the Z mode that is supposed to be installed in the cabin so that the sliding mode does not get stuck in the cabin.
  • Flush screw: which is installed with three hidden screws in this method.


Installing the elevator LOP

Installing the elevator LOP


The most important point in selecting and installing the elevator LOP

The most important point for choosing and installing an elevator LOP is that, in addition to beauty and quality, we want to choose and install an elevator landing operating psnel according to the location and our needs. For example, if you live in an area with high humidity, you should not install iron LOPs. Because due to air humidity, the elevator landing operating panel gets rusted and loses its efficiency. Or, for example, if your elevator is located in high traffic areas or if you use freight elevators, it is suggested not to install glass LOPs in these places. Because even though these elevator glass LOPs are resistant and made of reinforced material But there is still a possibility of breaking and hitting them. Another point that should be considered in the elevator LOP installation guide is the durability and life span and resistance of the elevator panel.


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Conclusion and Summary

In this article, we tried to explain to you the best method and guide for installing the elevator LOPs. But these things are not all the principles of installing an elevator shaft. You need an expert to install and operate a landing operating panel. Because the elevator LOP is one of the important components of the elevator cabin, which, in addition to beauty, also affects the quality and health of the cabin. Therefore, we suggest that for the correct and basic installation of the elevator landing operating panel, you must get help from an expert or the groups that provide this service. In this situation, you will have peace of mind about the health and quality of your elevator’s performance.

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