What is the elevator emergency key and what is its use?


The elevator is one of those devices that is known as one of the most practical devices and equipment in any building. In elevators, you can see many different parts that are placed to create different capabilities. There is a possibility of failure in any type of elevator. These failures are related to different parts and they can be used in different situations. One of the most important parts used in these products is the elevator emergency key . In fact, this alarm key can inform others that a person is trapped in the elevator.

The efficiency and different applications of this elevator key can be described in different ways. This key is active in all modes and can work well for people inside the elevator. In all elevators, the presence of an emergency key is mandatory and is part of the stated standards. According to national building laws, all existing elevators must have these emergency keys. Elevators may break down for various reasons. The most common failure in these devices is related to power failure.

You can have the emergency key in different ways in all existing elevator panels. To better recognize the keys for all people, they are produced with special colors. In addition to different colors, different shapes can be seen in these keys. The more different the appearance of these keys, the easier they are to identify. Sometimes even the elevator may not break down and only the person inside the cabin is in trouble, in this case this key can save that person’s life.


Elevator emergency key and its general structure

The elevator emergency key is one of those parts that must be present in every model. In addition to the high efficiency of these products, the psychological impact of these parts can also be seen. The higher the quality of these products, the easier and faster you can see the reaction. In the elevator emergency key , some connections and wiring must be done differently.

This key should be programmed and executed in such a way that it can perform the notification in different danger states. These notifications can be done in different ways. In the case of this equipment, the wiring should be done in such a way that notifications can be easily broadcast in the event of a power outage. In large buildings, these keys are connected to the control and guard rooms so that notifications can be sounded there. The type and length of these notifications can also be adjusted in different ways.

For residential and smaller buildings, these notices are known on every floor and people get to know about them. One of the most important cases in the elevator is related to the disconnection of telecommunication systems. Due to some cases and factors, it is not possible to use mobile phones or other communication systems inside the elevators. For elevators, emergency power can be used for a certain amount of time. You must be careful that the emergency power can only provide internal lighting and be used for the emergency switch.

Application of elevator emergency key

Wide applications can be considered for the emergency elevator key . It is true that the main task of these warning devices is to save people’s lives, but they can be used well in other situations. The higher the quality of these products, the less error they operate. Emergency keys are usually used in the lower part of the cabin panels. These keys are mostly produced and installed with different appearance. Among the other uses of these products, we can mention the announcement of various risks. In the past, rescuing people was not easy and there was a lot of difficulty.


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Nowadays, with the help of modern technologies, it is possible to announce to different departments in a short time that there is a problem in the elevator. In order to rescue people, the mechanical brakes of the lifting motors must be activated first and the rescue operation must be performed with the existing trolley. In the different available models, many different modes can be considered for the emergency keys. The higher the quality of these keys, the longer the lifespan can be observed. One of the cases and topics in these products is related to periodic services.

These keys should be periodically tested and in some cases serviced or repaired according to the available type and model with the help of people and specialist sets. The correct operation of these keys can save people’s lives in various cases. The emergency key elevator key is mainly used inside the elevator cabin, but in some models, keys for floors can also be placed next to the summon button, although this can cause errors.


New technology

Today and according to today’s technologies, the elevator emergency key can be easily used for different situations. These elevator key with some features can help you in different fields. The latest system in elevators to save people is UPS. This system can work well during outages by saving electrical energy. This system only works in this mode and is not used for other failures. It is for this reason that they use the elevator emergency key for sudden and numerous breakdowns.

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